Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fallin' behind on Autumn

Since fall has basically slithered down the drain (the very one singing blasting Christmas carols) I started thinking, "holy jeeze, there's so many things that I could've written about but didn't the last couple of months!"

Fall is my favorite season, why didn't it get the love it deserved? 

Sometimes when you're excelling at living life, you're abysmal at writing about it. That's pretty much the Amazon tag line for my hypothetical autobiography.  Besides do people care?

Confession: I always feel totally bizarre writing about doing things I've gotten into, because I'm hyper aware that it seems like that girl in your fourth grade class that would come back from summer vacation regaling you with tales of her trips to Jamaica and Nickalodeon studios in Orlando and how her parents bought her a pony (and she named it something not horse-appropriate Tiffany.), and meanwhile you're over here like, "well we got a Y membership." In other words I feel like I'm a big ol' fourth grade style show off, the very ones I wanted to throat-punch when I was nine.  But then I remember that this is my blog and my domain and how I keep record of my life and connect to other people. To hell with the haters.  Since technically we have until the 22nd to welcome winter officially,  wanna hear about my dumb horse named Tiffany aka my awesome fall? 

I guess I'll go about it the lazy man's route...rifle through my instagram feed and pick some highlights!
I love going to TPAC to see musicals mostly for their ridiculous photo op backdrops, and the one for Dirty Dancing didn't disappoint.  Choosing which catchphrase to hold was a big decision, but Rae and I formulated a game plan in line like true pros. [Tangent: Unlike all the 40 something Girls Night Outers, who seriously hemmed and hawed over whether to hold "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" or "Time of My Life" for what seemed like eons.] I still may need an entire blog post to reflect on the insanity on Dirty Dancing: The Musical. Was it good? Was it awful? Even months later I'm not sure. I know it was weird and there were no original or really barely any songs sung on stage by the cast itself, but there was some weird bed sex/dancing which reminded me a lot of the ballet within the movie Center there's that.

A couple weeks ago, my best friend and her hubby won tix to Best Buddies: Party with a Purpose, a fundraiser for Best Buddies of Middle Tennessee, an organization that pairs individuals with intellectual disabilities with peer buddies. We had a great time, but it was bizarre eating the food and drinking the wine at a charity event knowing you were basically a seat filler. Oh well, I had an awesome time and the organization is we got to meet the hottest goalie in the NHL, Pekka Rinne. [Tangent: I strategically didn't tell Kristen to remove her glow know...because I'm a good friend.]
On Back to The Future Day, I went to the East Room in East Nashville to attend the Nash to the Future party. There was a viewing of all 3 films as well as 80s music out the wazoo. [Also it gave my friend Ryan an excuse to wear his crazy accurate BTTF2 costume (you can see it here) and my friends Crystal and Marc (of Olivia Frankenstein) to sell this amazing Nash to the Future t-shirt! I am in love with mine. ] As happens in East Nashville at costume parties, it was really hard who was dressed somehow thematically and who was dressed for your average weeknight. Pictured above is my friend Allie and her sister-in-law Nadia wearing some spot-on costumes. So impressed. [Tangent: To clarify, their costumes are intentional.]

To continue the trend of doing something cultural in the most pop cultural of ways, some friends and I took in Heathers: The Musical, which was presented by Street Theater Company. I loved it so much, even though I had forgotten how much darker Heathers is watched through a 2015 lens. Bombs at schools are a thing now. [Tangent: It did everything I wished Dirty Dancing had done, because it embraced the camp and nostalgia factor and turned it up to 11. Here's my favorite song from it that I wish was a karaoke staple.]

When I heard Janet Jackson was coming to Nashville, I bought tickets in record time. I couldn't miss this show and I knew no one would appreciate Janet as much as my best friend, so naturally, she was my date. [Tangent: Plus I wanted to check out the new Ascend Ampitheatre by the river. I bought grass seats, because I wasn't sure of accessibility, but soon learned that was a no go. Luckily, we were able to handi-hitch to awesome seats.] I can't promise I didn't  dance more than is attractive during "Black Cat" or tear up when she performed "Scream" and shouted "You go Michael" and pointed to the sky in the middle.  Sure, she lip synced to most of it, but danced her ass off. She made me believe that when I am in my 50s, I too can be a strong black woman who can still pull off the following things: corsets, huge windblown hair, harem pants, and spanking 20 year old backup dancers.

I also went to see Sturgill Simpson and Straight No Chaser at the, not together because that would have been one hell of a strange billing, but a few weeks apart. Both were magical, but in VERY different ways. Also, one of these two acts performed an a capella parody song to the tune of All about that Bass (but about the traditional meaning of bass)...I'll let you guess which one.

Last year, I was so disappointed that a close friend's wedding fell on the same day at the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee's Buddy Walk...because I could support Team Claire in person [Tangent: If you haven't read about her before, she's the little cheerleader in the picture above and also the daughter of my best friends.] I'm also 2/2 in designing her team's shirt and taking the picture used on her walk photo! Somehow I am her marketing rep, and since she's the cutest client ever, I can be bought with open mouthed kisses (from Claire, to clarify!)! Anyway, since the 2015 walk fell on Halloween, I decided to wear my mermaid tail, because....why not? Frankly, I look for any opportunity where a shimmering fish tail is acceptable. One team had an entire Star Wars theme, so naturally Jamie stalked them and we went to go snag a photo op [Tangent: Even though seeing Chewbacca in person roving Centennial Park is mildly traumatizing]

One of Jamie's favorite films is The Shining and one thing that he looked forward to all October was seeing it on the big screen (at The Franklin Theatre). [Tangent: I like the movie OK, but I cannot handle Shelly Duvall. For some unknown, she irritates me a great deal in that movie, that it starts to make me understand Jack's rage. Oh, and it probably doesn't help that this YouTube video is haunting my dreams. (seriously, click that will not be able to look away!)] Whenever we go see a movie at The Belcourt or The Franklin Theatre, Jamie gets super excited about thematic above is a begrudgingly posed shot of him drinking a RED RUM.
That's just a fun picture from our weekend trip to Alabama a couple months ago to see my friends Brandon and Laura and their cute kiddos. [Tangent: Huntsville is the ideal drive for a driving pussy such as myself because I can get on the interstate and drive for an hour and not have to even change lanes.] That is Amelia screaming "I dont wanna go in wobot car!!!" Part of our jaunt to Huntsville was to show Jamie the glamour that is Unclaimed Baggage Warehouse in Scottsboro (which I have a half post about somewhere), but we really didn't end up getting anything! I am so full of regret!

That's a picture of me and some of my friends meeting Greg Sestero ("oh hai mark!") from The Room. If you haven't seen The's the worst movie ever made (quite it's been awarded that honor) and I've been obsessed with it since seeing it. At The Belcourt, they did a live reading of the original first draft of the script, which was batshit bananas kukoo! [Tangent/Spoiler alert: Denny wasn't in it and it made even less sense!]  So good! Also, not sure why I appear to be in some kind of blinding spotlight in this photo. Oh well.

OK, now am all caught up on all that. Bring on winter.  The cold is about to kick my ass into submission, so back to being a mole person for me!

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