Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello Giggles Post: Farewell to The Soup!

Sometimes when I pitch a story I want to write about to Hello Giggles, I have already been beaten to the pop culture punch by another lady. [Tangent: Birds of a feather...and whatnot...] I still am bummed I didn't get to share my Home Alone 25th anniversary and Rex Manning Day posts with that large Time Warner owned audience. [Tangent: I mean, I love you guys, but I can be real with you and don't have to polish my turds quite so much. Heck, you don't even mind if I use the word turd. I you for being accepting of me 100%....use of the word turd and all. ] For this reason, I was extremely thrilled to get the green light to write about The Soup finale. CLICK HERE to read it. 

 For as long as I have had E! on my premium cable, I have been a fanatic of The Soup. I cite it often in conversations and thank it for giving me memes and gifs like this, so writing about it made me exceedingly happy: 

After watching the DVR'd finale over the weekend, I thought it had the perfect send-off for a little show that was always a black sheep of the E! family. I loved it. 

On a more selfish note,  I'm also really excited because this is my 10th article for HG as a contributor, and my 11th for them overall! [Tangent: The one that doesn't make my author page is my first and maybe my can read it here!] My work with them is one of the best things to happen to me this year an always gives me a tinge of cred when I talk to people about my writing...especially people in their 20s, who go from thinking I'm lame sauce (mostly for using terms like lame sauce) to thinking I am fairly hip and with it (even though I use terms like hip and with it!) I get really excited every time one is published or I get the email saying one of my pitches has been picked up! If you or someone you know wants to get that same feeling and join a force of bad ass females behind Hello Giggles, here is the info to become on of their contributors.

Now go read my newest post and tell me what you think...

Click Here to Read "Saying Goodbye to The Soup"

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