Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kylie Jenner is in a wheelchair now (kind of)

Today I got home from work and upon clicking onto my social media, my eyeballs were assaulted with something a little unexpected and Kylie Jenner related, but seriously when isn't that the case [Tangent:...and granted I totally get that by posting this, I will only up my traffic from weird wheelchair fetishists. I'm talking to you, dude that googled "sexy wheelchair diapered women" a few days ago.] :

Voila! Apparently, a member of the Jennerdashian clan is doing something that is stirring controversy and getting press. (You can read about it here.) Perish the thought...I know. [Tangent: And I know that I am  just fueling the wildfire of batshit media attention for something stupid, but I also realize I am the token wheelchair friend for many of you...so I feel like at some point I will be asked what I think. This is me nipping it in the bud.] The truth is I'm not sure entirely how I feel about this whole bizarre thing...which is generally the case 98% of the time when asked for my opinion on something that is causing a stir in the disability community.[Tangent:...other than I don't think I have the tas to pull this off for a costume come Halloween 2016.]  

To me this isn't even a battle that is worth fighting [Tangent: Only 17% of people with disabilities are employed. I mean...that's the kind of stuff that's worth getting huffy about.] , but it is definitely an interesting discussion. I mean on one hand she is making a wheelchair sexy, which I guess is nicer than the alternative of making it hideous (yay!). [Tangent: Although just to be clear, Maebe Funke in the Miss Inner Beauty episode of Arrested Development didn't offend me either.]

...But on the other hand she is doing so by engaging in an entire editorial photo spread which seems inspired by the idea that she is a sex doll [Tangent: Tangent: You can see the other pics of normal things like her in a shipping crate here. And the more I look at it...the more I think she looks like Bianca, the vinyl protagonist/sometimes wheelchair user, in Lars and The Real Girl.] . It's a teench of mixed messaging, right? So are wheelchair users sex dolls...or worse simply objects? (boo!)  

Honestly, I really think that objectification argument is giving this whole thing more credit for its cultural resonance than it desereves...Ya'll remember we are talking about someone from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, right?  People got  all in a tizzy when Lady Gaga did this whole thing a few years ago in her paparazzi video and in her own life. [Tangent: Remember this gem!]

After reading the articles and seeing the pictures and media over-speculation (that is sure to snowball outta control in the coming days.) , the only certain takeaway I have is this: Where are all these ladies finding solid gold wheelchairs? In my adult life as a wheelchair user, I have never seen one in real life, so I am guessing they are not covered by Medicare. 

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