Monday, December 7, 2015

Porter Flea Holiday Market- I came. I saw. I bought. I survived.

bottom pieces created by (from L to R): Fish Bone Prints, Groh Artifact  and Wild One Designs
 Porter Flea has gotten to be a huge draw for the craft-loving indie business fans of Nashville (which is 99% of it's population it seems), therefore each year I have to concoct a strategy to get in and get out without A. Losing my damn mind. B. Knocking over a huge display of artisanal brooms and C. Getting my car stuck in a ditch parking somewhere weird. Usually Jamie and I got in the first 30 minutes or the last hour as to keep our nerves in tact. Therefore this year, when Porter Flea out of the blue offered me media access the Friday prior and letting me roam freely (without having to elbow check fellow shoppers), my only decision needing to be made was how many !!'s to use after my "Yes!" [Tangent: And I am really glad I took advantage because by Saturday night I was overwhelmed with relief/guilt reading the complaints from shoppers (from the event's FB page) who had to wait an hour and a half to enter the building. A mix of a last minute venue change (from Silverpointe Studios on the East side to Oz Arts on the West side) and the fact that it is really only a one-day market made it a bit of a headache for many shoppers. It's such a great event that I hope it can continue by finding a solid venue option in future iterations. The vendors are always top-notch and it's a fantastic way of getting them a customer base. They might just have to sacrifice some indie cred to grow to the fairgrounds or somewhere similar. ]

 When I arrived, I noticed parking was a bit scarce (even prior to the event's pre-sale) so I have never been more pleased to be able to handi-hitch my way to a accessible parking space...even if I had to squeeze my big ass robo van between some food trucks and tobaggoned hipsters to do so! It was totally worth it because Decemeber is cold! We were escorted right i, which basically made me feel like this:
Because we had done a little research to who was gonna be there, we had some semblance of a game plan, which was helpful; my iPhone'e notepad had a list of vendors and items that looked interesting online. [Tangent: If you were unable to attend or were really frustrated with lines and drove away, I'd recommend visiting the Porter Flea Vendor list to shop in your underwear or when you are supposed to be working.]  Here were some of my superlatives. 

Best Deal: Dordles
Finding a deal on something at one of these types of events is next to impossible. When we stumbled upon the table of irreverent postcards in the Dordles by Nik Daum booth, I was very tempted to tell him to raise his price. They were $1 each or 5/$4, which is like second coming of Christ level exciting for a bargain huntress such as myself.  Jamie and I ended up buying 6 of our favorites, and I now regret not just buying 20 to hang onto as birthday cards etc, because I don't know if I can part with these. [Tangent: NOTE TO SELF: Make an order stat!] They were so weird/perfect and Nik seemed like a good guy...mostly because he held his own in a convo about Zack Morris phones. Anyone that can do that will get my business. 

Best Pin Game: These are Things
These Are Things was the vendor Jamie and I were perhaps most excited about, mostly because Jamie's latest quest is to TGI Friday's style flair up his new denim jacket. [Tangent: My ginger collects many things and pins are one thing he has no ceiling for. He has amassed a metric shit ton over the years. It's starting to rub off on me, I guess, because he easilly hornswaggled me into the internet famous one...the donut was a given.]  I loved their tongue in cheek enamel pins and the prices were reasonable. I'll let you take a wild swing at which pins belong to who. 

Best Inadvertent Depiction of Me as a Youth: M. Russell Art

Smudged glasses, messy hair, confused demeanor- this illustration b M. Russell Art pretty much sums up my life as a child (and pretty much as an adult, too, for that matter)!  I wish I had the space at this moment to accomodate the full-sized print of this design, but instead I took the economical (both dollar wise and space wise) and bought the greeting card, which I framed, using the envelope as matting.

Best Thing I Didn't Buy:  DVRA
Like a monkey to a shiny object, I was drawn to these fun printed pouches from DVRA. There were seriously at least three that I immediately wanted, but was trying so badly to keep impulses and budgets in check.  I also regret that she didn't know I took this picture [Tangent: I was really trying to get her display, but honestly it looked like she was posing so i kept it in because it was adorable!] 

Best Encounter with Someone One Degree from Robert Herjavic: NerdWax
Because I am on my best days a middle-aged shut-in, my idea of a Friday night rager is my 2-hour rock block featuring of Shark Tank and 20/20.  I was ecstatic to see Nashville's own NerdWax, a former visitor to "the tank," pop up at Porter Flea. The product in question is basically a little chapstick tube of beeswax that keeps your glasses up; when applied- the texture is a bit like dried rubber cement. [ Tangent: Because I buy all my glasses online and none of them are sized to my face, the struggle to keep my glasses up on my tiny nose is REAL! This stuff works like a charm!]  This just brings me one step closer to America's silver fox: Robert Herjavic! 

Best  Print about to Hang Above my Toilet: Methane Studios 

For about a year and a half I have tirelessly been trying different paintings and prints to hang above that hard to decorate spot, the toilet.  It had to be something you wouldn't tire of, because let's face it- the bathroom gets A LOT of use. Thankfully, this wycinanki-inspired print by the aptly named Methane Studios fit the bill/toilet wall perfectly! I had gone in wanting another print entirely from them, but I loved this one so much it came home with me!  I'm in love!

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