Thursday, January 21, 2016

I'm writing for Elite Daily, so am I an Elitist?

Exciting news guys! Because I am the biggest masochist ever, I agreed to take on a new freelance opportunity and write periodically for Elite Daily. You may be familiar with this site and not even know it because you've been reading their articles on viral Facebook posts for months. [Tangent: I mean they were the site that got the exclusive from the woman who adopted that cat that looks like Adam Driver. I mean that's journalism!] I got the email about a month ago asking me to contribute from a recruiter who had read my blog and apparently liked my voice. I was flattered, but am always leery because I've run into situations where the pressure had no payoff. [Luckily, so far, the transition has been easy and I don't have to hold my tongue too much because they don't cower from the edgy. I'm still excited about getting to do dream freelance with Hello Giggles, but I often see myself dialing back my weird and amping up my positivity. Apparently Elite Daily likes my weird, so it's nice to have another option to show the world how unabashedly certifiable I can be.] Case in point...this story I found on my best friend's FB page:
I mean, you guys, I have the potential to write about things like choco b-holes! How thrilling! [Tangent: I mean clearly by poaching me as a contributor, they knew the shamelessness they were dealing with.] Well earlier today, my first story went live and because I'm as predictable as the Sunday paper, I started off writing about things I know. Documentaries
 [Tangent: I know please conceal your shock and awe.] I'm super excited to be get exposure from another huge audience. [Tangent: They have a shit ton of fans and followers on social media, which could open this little dog and pony blog up to new folks! I would love new actual readers and not just people who stumble upon my web page because the are searching things like: "furry fupa" and "kavorkian sex tape." I wish I had made those two up!]

If you care to like my read my first post for Elite Daily...check it out here!

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