Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's 2016! Let's get weird.

....or it has been for roughly 20 days and I am just now getting around to the acknowledgement of a new year! I could do the natural blogger thing and be overly sugarcoating and optimistic, but the goals I alligned in my head for 2016 have already fallen a bit by the wayside, hence why I haven't written about anything remotely related to goals.  Because of this I will just talk ideas for 2016 and make this a little retrospective.

Last year was an embarassment of riches in the world of Kimmie. For the first time I felt I had regained my footing after being repeatedly knocked down by huge life events since 2010. In 2015 I saw the following things:
  • I saw my best friend's baby girl become cancer-free after 6 months of inpatient chemo.
  • Jamie got a new job with a local liquor distribution company thus getting out of retail for the first time in his life. I love seeing him get respected and compensated for basically being the best worker ever. He also reunited with his band and started playing together once a week so he is happily drumming again. A happy Jamie is a happy Kimmie.
  • I began my role as a contributing writer for Hello Giggles, which is such a dream. My goal was to get one pitch acccepted by them (which it was), and months later- I have had 11 stories published on their site!  
  • I finally stopped being a compete indecisive puss and got the greatest foot tattoo for what would have been my brother's 40th birthday. (Thanks Rae for going with me!)
  • I got to see my baby nephew experience my favorite place, Holden Beach NC for the first time and got to witness my sweet niece and nephew meet for the first time.
  • I continued to love my part-time day job working with a disability non-profit. We launched a new website and I continued to see our social media pressense grow! 
  • I saw more awesome comedy: Doug Benson 2x, Michael Ian Black, Kevin Smith, Ellie Kemper, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney
  • I went to some amazing shows: Dr. Dog, Jack White/Loretta Lynn, Janet Jackson, Straight No Chaser, Beach Boys, Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves and probably more that I am forgetting. 
  • I had weird brushes with scooter made it's theatrical debut and my elbow was featured on the back of a Justin Townes Earl album. 
  • I finally got to live out my dream of being Lt. Dan for Halloween...setting the bar high for years to come. 
This year my goals are just to get back to do doing more of the things I love. Now that I get to write more, I want to remember my other loves. I set a goodreads goal to read 20 books this year and I am gonna try to draw and paint more. In October, I did this instagram challenge called Drawlloween where everyday you draw a certain predetermined thing. These were some of the favorites that I did over the month.
 I had completely forgotten how much I loved to doodle and draw...and that I wasn't completely terrible at it either. [Tangent: In college, I was an art minor and always felt like the worst person in the class. Being creative only to be graded on it is defeating. I look forward to doing art just for myself.]   

In the past, I have taken my annual mantras from my source of all biblical truths- Project Runway. [Tangent: In the past I have used "Make it Work", "Carry On" and "One Day You're In and One Day you're out" as annual words to live by.] I'm quickly scraping the bottom of the barrel of inspirational PR quotes, but I found this one from ol Timmy that seemed apropos with my intentions for the year. 


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