Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowpocalypse 2016: Oh the weather outside is weather

This Snowpocolypse is just not for people that rely on wheels. I hate it. I mean in theory, it's lovely and makes me feel like I am living inside a claymation special or some kind of magical dreamland, but the logistics of it can eat it. With the on again off again record snowfalls in middle Tennessee, I have been fairly trapped in my house for several days except for a brief intermission Thursday when it cleared and I went to work. In the meantime, I'm dealing with it by vacillating between getting work done and avoiding work altogether. [Tangent: Jamie's frozen in at his house across town and we are both starting to go separately insane from cabin fever despite access to internet Netflix and Amazon Prime.]

I have some freelance pitches line up and really need to get some writing done [Tangent: not unlike the above Mr. Jack Torrence.] but motivation is at an all time low. My type B mentality is all over the map and my focus is non-existant. For that reason, I choose to embrace some of the other milestone's I have accomplished in my snowbound day or so:
  • Actual Productive Moment: Messed around with the idea of putting content on Buzzfeed. I had no idea how that process worked, so I decided to post up a completed story that was not accepted elsewhere, a Valentine's Treat Yo Self Gift Guide. You can read it here.
  •  Huge Breakthrough: Discovered that I liked fried eggs, which is thrilling and opens up a world of culinary possibility.
  • Entertainment: Watched Ex Machina again, which I can never get enough of and ordered The Intern, because I am inherently a middle-aged divorcee, who lives for a Nancy Meyers movie.
  • Hoarded: Ordered a bunch of stuff for under $1 using my Elite Deal Club, which I subscribed to last week and obsess with. I love the idea of getting 2 potentially free things from Amazon every day...even if it's items I in no way need.
  • Marathoned: Watched WAY too much local news coverage of the weather,  which basically could be easily summarized in two words, "It's snowing." Nashville news is kooky though so there were lots of completely bizarre man on the street interviews for no reason and lots of conjecture and even a poor reporter who had a mucus issue and no one offered her a it was toddler/in your mouth snot. [Tangent: That last one is maddening and I feel for her. Clearly her face was frozen and she didn't feel it. I, too, am a snot machine this time of year. ] I halfway expected all the in-studio anchors to resort to cannibalism a la this SNL skit because of the insanity clearly brewing from 8 hours of straight coverage. They were running thin on content by the halfway point and it was highly entertaining for me.
  • Big Discovery: I worked on catching up on my doc watching since I have been a huge slacker in this area [Tangent: I'd hoped you hadn't noticed that I completely skipped the month of December with my movie roundups because I had only watched one. Damned Making The Murderer for filling all my non-fiction Netflix time.] and noticed an emerging trend among the covers; I call it  "The half face on the bottom third" trend.

So what have you been up to? 
Any big snowpocalypse achievements?

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