Monday, February 1, 2016

Firmoo sunglasses for me means a Giveaway for you!

I'm the kind of gal that won't think twice about a real dumb purchase [Tangent: For this reason I am the proud owner of several Lego men dressed as monsters, a cupboard of goodwill coffee mugs and stacks of Lisa Frank Stickers.] yet I hem and haw about making an adult purchase for something I actually need in my life. For years, since I started becoming a full-time glasses wearer, I have been in need of a good pair of prescription sunglasses. [ I wouldn't have to double up my glasses looking like a whiter, less cool Dwayne Wayne whenever I'm outdoors or in the car.] I know the dead of winter seems like a curious time to finally give into these needs, but I am starting to become a hazard when I have to drive home from work in the low winter sun. You can only maneuver on the interstate with your eyes half-closed (or with them open so your corneas are scorching) so many times before you decide that something has to give. Luckily I knew where to get the ideal pair for a decent price...Firmoo! [Tangent: If you want to read why I am such a Firmoo fan, go read here and here.]

I have been buying and pimping out their wares for years, and I knew they wouldn't steer me wrong in my quest for the perfect RX sunglasses. As in most things with me, bigger is better. I want to go full Linda Richman with my sunnies, so I fell head over butt in love with these bad boys!

See! Look how I am using my selfie-stick! Aren't they the cutest? Even though I bought this pair with my own hard-earned money, I thought you all should get something as a reward for listening to me gush about my ridiculous new sunglasses! [Tangent: This post is only halfway is also philanthropic, you see!] You can get something out of this deal, too! Here are the awesome prizes:

One pair of RX Eyeglasses or Non-RX Sunglasses from Firmoo's Blogger Collection of Frames
[Tangent: 1.50 index single vision lens and shipping fee. I'm obsessed with these and these

Another opportunity to get something: 
$10 off codes awarded to 4 runners up

You can enter often and up your chances of winning! Get on it! The Giveaway will end on February 9 at midnight! 
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