Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jib Jabbin' from The Afterlife

When you lose someone, there leave all kinds of reminders scattered about for you to find years later. They pop up in really weird and unexpected places sometimes, and instead of making me scared or sad- they usually make me laugh or smile. When we found out my dad was not going to get better, my brother Mikey asked him to haunt me...specifically. So, I guess I feel like this is just my dad following directions. [Tangent: Which is super bizarre because following directions was something my father never did when he was in the land of the living...so it felt strange that he would get obedient in the grand beyond.]  

I can only assume when my oldest brother, Chris, passed away that he followed suit. Since their deaths, one of my favorite places those two pop up is in my junk mail folder...specifically in solicitations from JibJab.com. Yes, let that soak up, the perveyors of political satire cartoons and dancing elf videos are bringing the dead to life (at least for me)...and the results are ridiculous. My family always had a strange sense of humor, so seeing a deceased family member in a cross colors jacket and door knocker earrings seems like a fitting tribute. 

Kelly and Dad (Not sure what this unamused picture of my dad was about)
Years ago, I used the site to make things like this funny Halloween Monster rap video using my family's photos to amuse/annoy aforementioned loved ones. Apparently Jib Jab now uses those uploaded personal photos, from years ago, to personalize their spam. [Tangent: Even though I am doing my damndest to clean out and streamline my inbox, I can't bring myself to unsubscribe to this.]

my brother Chris, my sister, me, Jamie and my dad...
I'm almost 150% certain unwillingly participating in a disjointed Justin Bieber cover is not my brother or father's ideal legacy...but they make me happy and I think that is something they could get behind. For that, I'm not sorry. 

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