Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday Lately (on a Monday because I suck!)

So a few weeks ago, my friend in blog-life and real-life Aubrey invited me to join a online blogging network on FB, The Blogger Tribe, which is a heady concept for a gal like me, who vacillates between being really good and really awkward at networking. [Tangent: My blog is weird and I have a real hard time pitching it to people.  "Do you like someone who talks a lot about junk food, 90's sitcoms, TLC reality and potentially bathroom etiquette and wheelchair stuff?" You either like it or you don't. That's cool. I have no niche or schedule. I am not a pro even though I pretend to be.]  I am just dipping my feet and exploring the group, but it seems like a good source of prompts when I had ZERO idea of what to write about and maybe an opportunity to get exposed to new sites from a diverse pool of women. Win/Win.

Every Sunday, the tribe-members participate in a Sunday Lately Post where they share what they have been up to that week.  Because you all know me, I can't promise that I will be incredibly consistent, but this week I decided to give Sunday Lately a spin. [Tangent: But of course I am doing it on a Monday because I am A. Bad at following directions and B. Too busy watching Grease Live last night to do anything not related to that past time.]

Reading. A LOT! I definitely have on and off years reading-wise. I have predetermined that this is going to be an on-year. So far in 2016, I'm proud to say moved 3 books from the "to read" to the "read" pile on Goodreads! I'm also pretty involved in about 4 different books. My current fave is Kelly Oxford's "Everything is Perfect when you're a Liar".  It was recommended to me by my friend Laura and I love it so much. Oxford reminds me a lot of myself, which given the title- makes me question my values.
Movies! It's that time of year where I decide I need to see as many Oscar nominated pictures as possible. This year I am grossly behind [Tangent: Having only seen Mad Max, The Martian, Room and The Revenent from the main might as well tell me I am only halfway done digging the Panama Canal. Yes, I'm overwhelmed by a random self-imposed goal/stressor! I'm that girl!] However, I'm having some definite opinions and appreciating all the movies, even the ones that aren't my favorites. I also know Tom Hardy won't win for The Revenent, but his performance was one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. Never have I been so terrified by someone in a jaunty badger hat.

I wish I could say I had more to add here. I definitely need to put my art minor to work more, and have some ideas on the horizon. One thing at a time, folks.

Over the weekend I had the epiphany that I remembered nada about the X-Files. I was 11 when it premiered and not cool or interesting enough to give two shits. I recall a couple eps, but never watched it consistently. We decided to change that before watching the new episodes. Because 200+ 40 minute chunks would mean I would have to become a total shut in, we are starting with this list and adding on as recommended by weirdos I trust. [Tangent: If you are one of those aformentioned weirdos, tell me your faves!] Anyway, all the while, I have not only been humming the famous theme, but also this gem from the recesses of my brain: Bree Sharp's 90s classic: "David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me?"

I have discussed this long forgotten song with several people over the last couple days. We determined that if Bree Sharp had bee around in the YouTube generation, this would likely be a huge sensation and not someone I had to google furiously. Also, how perfectly late 90s is that video!??! The cast of Baywatch and Fight Club era Brad Pitt!?!

A baby. Psyche. Not in the least. But I am expecting a busy February. My family is coming in from California and then I'm taking a fun trip to Gaitlinburg over leap weekend. Somehow, even being a native Tennesseean, I have never seen the gloriousness of Gaitlinburg, so I am way more excited than I should be. I'm going with my friend Rae and a bunch of other couples, and my biggest requirement is that we all buy footie pjs (Kigurumi) for the trip. This has become way too big a decision making process than it should be. THERE ARE SO MANY AVAILABLE !!! WHAT IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!?!? I settled on this low-rent panda, because why not? I'm expecting to have a ridiculous adventure in the my weird panda suit.
So how was your sunday...or Monday?

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

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