Friday, March 4, 2016

A Tweet from A.C. Slater

Yesterday something laced with insanity happened, I shared my most recent piece for Elite Daily entitled 5 WTF Moments All Wheelchair Users Have Experienced At Least Once on this blog's FB page and in less than 24 hours it had gone a bit viral and That Girl in the Wheelchair had over 100 new likes! The obvious conclusion is that several of you are now reading my little blog for the first time and it will likely be only a matter of time before I completely alienate you. [Tangent: It's not all gonna be wheelchair blog type stuff. I am actually the worst excuse for a disability blogger there ever was, which is actually fine by me and why I have never assumed that role 100%. I get bored if I just write about one thing all the time, so be on the ready to read lots about crappy daytime TV, weirdos on the Internet and Netflix documentaries.]  I might as well let you know the caliber of material you are dealing with. Here is a tale that happened last month...or what I like to call a Valentine's Week Miracle featuring a Saved By the Bell star.

A couple weeks ago, Jamie came over bearing gifts...and because our relationship has never been a flowers and jewelry kind of love- he gave me what any gal might deem romantic- an A.C Slater Funko pop figure [Tangent: To be fair, he gave me the Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski figures as part of my Christmas present and I ever since I have been thinking I needed to throw a Slater in the mix to cause some TNBC level sexual tension on my bookshelf.] Because I was in the middle of working on something for Hello Giggles and was under deadline-I propped him onto my laptop to know as any 33-year-old would do. And naturally I took a picture, because I liked the look of a teeny mulleted Mario Lopez keeping watch on my freelance. 

I decided to tweet it out and tag Mario Lopez and was shocked that within minutes he replied wishing me luck on my writing. [Tangent: Real quick- let me set the scene of what else was happening concurrently. While all this happened on the twitterverse, Jamie and I were watching The Bachelor, and it was the episode where they were on "Pig Island"...running around a beach feeding pigs hot dogs (because that's a normal date activity.) To say down was up and up was down would be a vast understatement. I just assumed this whole series of events to be a fever dream. ]

Yep. There it is. In all it's 15 character glory. 

True, I always been on #TeamPreppy, but this was still pretty damned thrilling...I mean Slater doesn't have to know where my allegiance lies. [Tangent: As a consolation prize, he should know that I will forever call sitting on a chair backwards "slatering" and  know all the words to the song Jessie sang at his pet lizard's funeral. That's something, right?] I then posted this bizarro tweet on FB and within a few hours I had over 150 likes.YES 1-5-0!

I daresay, people were happier for me about this cursory contact from the host of Extra than they would be if I had posted a picture of a baby bump or an engagement ring. Clearly, those I love have their priorities aligned with mine. As the congratulatory text buzzed through, I realized my friends were even maybe more excited than me...which is hilarious. It made my heart happy that I had truly found "my peeps."

Social media is such a funny thing, and if you aren't using it to reach out to the Mario Lopez's in your life...then you are missing out. 

Also, as a footnote- the same week as these shenanigans, the account I run for work got two random new follows from "celebrities" of years gone by.



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