Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I got Olivia Frankenstein'd

Not to be super vain and self-important (which this is absolutely going to sound like. Apologies abound.), but I love it when creative people create something personal to me. To be honest, I get tired of looking through my own stupid face through my own eyes, so I like it when I get another person's take! [Tangent: It's for this reason that I am still so stupid crazy in-love with My blog header/mascot made by sweet Michelle at Creature Type! Although on the other side of the coin, the idea of getting a charichature at a fair or festival always turned me off completely. WHAT IF I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD BUCK TEETH OR BIG EARS AND THEY POINTED IT OUT!!! I am not ready to pay for that kind of self-awareness]

So when I got a cryptic text asking hypothetically my favorite colors from my friend Crystal, half of the power couple behind the genius brand Olivia Frankenstein, - I was intrigued. I reasoned that she and her husband Marc were either:
  1. Filling out an 'About Me' Survey on a Myspace page from 2004
  2. Making me a Friendship bracelet or
  3. Drawing me some sort of personalized creepy monster mashup that would likely make me squeal and pee my pants simultaneously [Tangent: The bread and butter of their biz is cute occult with a Nashville twist. Many of their more popular original designs feature retro horror movie characters in classic middle Tennessee scenarios. Ex: I just ordered this shirt of King Kong scaling the Batman building. 
Last night, I was dazzled to learn that option 3 was the correct one [Thank God..because I shut down my myspace and don't wear wrist jewelry much.] and I had been reimagined as this gloriously ghouly wheelchair pin-up lady.  TADA!!!

How cool is that? It was too good. Big butt, bony shoulders,  ballet flats canoe's all there! If the idea of a gal in a chair clutching a skull seems familiar, it might be [Tangent: I mean other than your fever dreams!] because they were inspired by the weird photo I bought at the flea market a while back of a Barbie holding a skull Hamlet/death metal style. [Tangent: You can read about that nonsense here in this blog post, but here's a photo to jog your memory.]

I am obsessed with it and can't wait to hang it side by side with the bizarro Barbie picture...because I am a sensible woman in her 30s and that's how we do. It means even more because it came from Crystal and Marc, who are seriously two of the nicest people on the planet. So I encourage you to go buy all their stuff and make them stupid wealthy! 

In fact I know they are probably incredibly embarrassed how hard I am about to pimp out their business. So here goes: They are doing a $20 presale through the week of their brand new shirt designs!! GO GET THEM ALL! Go to

Oh yeah... Follow them On Instagram and Facebook too!! Support local awesomeness!

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