Friday, March 25, 2016

My first Trip to Gatlinburg Part 3: Fantasy Golf Fantasy

Are ya'll sick of my slow ass installments about Gatlinburg yet? [Tangent: I can sense the virtual eye rolls from all corners of the universe. I am now the blogger version of your Aunt who takes 45 minutes to walk you through her 35 mm prints of her recent trip to Tucson. You'll deal. ] I would like to think that as in all great trilogies, this is either gonna win me the Oscar (Lord of the Rings style) or go straight to video and have no original magic(Home Alone style).  You can decide after and let me know.

Jamie, Travis and I had to depart the crew early because we had dumb adult responsibilities to get back to, but before we left we knew either mini golf or go carts were on the horizon. [Tangent: I have not mini golfed in likely two decades, but recalled loving it. Jamie had also bragged that he was pretty I had to see my boyfriend's athleticism in action.] Rae had been really excited to go golfing at a kitcshy wonderland, aka Adventure Golf, and had been hyping it since we decided to go to Gatlinburg (You can read her gushings here.), but when we drove by it, there was nada but an empty lot. It was a bummer for them because they were quite attached, but luckily we found another fun and fanciful links, where we could pose with lots of giant weird statues and get stared at by families with rat tails. Fantasy Golf to the rescue!
 I loved the place and the guy at the counter was super helpful and gave us a group discount and didn't treat us like annoying tourists like some folks (ahem...airbrush bitties!). He even let us scope out which course we wanted while we waited for our group to convene. 

There was however one misstep or amazing aspect (based on purely outlook) of this place: THE MUSIC. [Tangent: If Fantasy Golf had a DJ, he would be a sad woman in her 40s going through a bad breakup and/or loss of a beloved cat.]  When you go to a family recreation center with giant statuary devoted to mermaids and trolls, you generally assume you will hear some T.Swift or Bieber or a healthy serving of 80's pop... and not "Tears in Heaven" blasting from the speakers. While we were there, we heard several Boys II Men slow jams, "In The Arms of An Angel" and if I recall correctly "I Can't Make You Love Me". Music to cry golf to, for sure!  [Tangent: This juxtaposition would only be more surreal if it was at maybe a sad strip club.] I assume we left before they started pumping out the Eliot Smith. Though weird for certain, I feel that it only made the day more fun, because we kept taking bets on songs that would be equally and inappropriately at home here. 

It really was a great day and we were so happy for a 70 degree day in February. Besides, I almost got a hole-in-one twice...once I figured out which direction to hold the putter and stopped using my foot to kick it. I'm so athletic!!  Here are some more pics of weird statues and hot group pics of us in our much fraught over airbrush glory! 
 FIN! (Finally!)

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