Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm Gonna be a Supermodel: The Fashion is for Every Body Fashion Show

AGH! I am really excited to finally be able to share a little bit of insider dish about this really cool thing I get to be a part of! Is that vague? Yep. Sorry. Here goes...

As I have mentioned many a time, blogging has brought many cool people and opportunities into my life, and one of them is my friendship with Alicia Searcy aka the lady that is Spashionista. Unlike me, [...who is currently rocking a dress from the Target little girls department that I have convinced myself is "mature enough" even though it has pom pom trim], Alicia is extremely into the Nashville Fashion scene, Nashville Fashion Week and the Nashville Fashion Alliance. So no duh, she is fashionable. While attending her vow renewal last year, Alicia (ever the networker) asked me if I wanted to model in/help out with a fashion show that she was dreaming up. The concept was that the models would have a variety of disabilities as well as body types and cover a broad spectrum of ages to prove that everyone has the right to awesome style. It is titled, Fashion is for Every Body.

 Of course, I had the initial flutter of a thought that a disability fashion show could easily skew corny and come off extremely hokey, but I knew Alicia wouldn't let that happen. [Tangent: When anything with disabilities is ever done, I always get ultra protective. I want it to empower and not be the makings of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I want people to say "of course!" and not "awww!" Does that make sense?] My friend, the Spashionista, is the perfect person to champion this project and make people take notice and take it seriously! I  mean IT'S DAVID BOWIE THEMED, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!  Watch and learn:

There are also some legit local designers on board: Catland Forever Couture, Amanda ValentineEric Adler. Also models, like me, will be rocking clothing from Pura Vida Vintage and Opium Vintage. AndrĂ©s Bustamante is presenting is debut collection alongside my friend, John Thielman, who will also be showing for the first time. I sincerely cannot wait to wear all the pretty clothes and use all the knowledge I have gleaned from years of watching Top Model and the like.[Tangent: Reality TV wasn't rotting my was teaching me to SMIZE!] 
 The event is set for September 10th, and of course I will be giving updates when the event gets closer. For the moment, we are working to raise the needed funds to make sure it is taken seriously in this space. It is our hope that this will resonate with those in the fashion world and make our presence known! In order to make it possible, there is an indiegogo set up, were you can throw a few dollars or get your advance tickets! [Tangent: I hope you'll be there or at least spread the word! I could you miss an opportunity to see me make an ass of myself?]

Get excited.

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