Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Ravishly, Surgery and bad Adele Parody

Hello. It's me. Remember what a consistent blogger I used to be?  [Tangent: That was kind of an unintentional Adele parody. Remember when those were a thing a circa late 2015. Oh, those were simpler times.]  Terrible pop culture references aside, I have been a little busy lately and promise that I will be a bit better later. In my absence not only has some site with the term "Arab lesbian" in its URL been linking to me [Tangent: What? WHY!?], but I have been freelancing up a storm so that I can pepper all corners of the Internet with my ramblings. Manifest destiny, bitches! In case you didn't see the links posted on my Facebook, here's: 
I probably didn't make these posts too appealing, but I am actually oddly proud of myself. Who would have thunk I was an advertising major? [Tangent: And by my use of the word thunk that it was in the college of journalism.] Trust me, someone clearly approved them, so they must be decent...the garbage that you read on here is 100% filterless. 

I'm really excited to be writing here and there for The Ravishly. Earlier this month, I finally met in real life, my long lost internet writer girl crush, Winona, and she encouraged me to pitch them some stories. [Tangent: Go read her blog, The Sky I'm Under. She's bad ass and the insightful lady I dream of being.]  The Ravishly recently ran a story about super delegates called Is Ted Cruz Actually Just a Sackful of Lizards?  so I am definitely in the right realm. 

The other reason I have been MIA is because my mom had back surgery last week and my family has been in town so I barely have had the sense to pee or eat...much less write coherently. She's getting around much better now though so it's time for me to play catch up. I EVEN WATCHED A BUNCH OF DOCUMENTARIES THIS if that's your thing- get pumped. [Tangent: Maybe this means I will have more to write about than the inordinate binging I did on Little Women LA, a show that is exactly as terrible as a show as you would assume.] So that what's up with that...what's up with you?

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