Sunday, May 22, 2016

I've got a new dumb tumblr .... Yelp to the Max

"I'll tumblr for ya....I'll tumblr for ya...I'll tumblr for ya...I'll tumblr for yaaaaaa"

Much to the annoyance of everyone around me, the above is pretty much what always came to mind when people mentioned tumblr [Tangent: For a person who does social media for a living, I am more or less a moron when it comes to so many sites and apps. Ex: Last week I was schooled by a group of middle schoolers during my career week presentation for my friend Kristine. Apparently I am going about social media all wrong. Snapchat is where it's at and Facebook is for lame old people (like me apparently).]  I never understood it..or how you used it...or why the site itself felt the need to exclude necessary vowels a la a vanity license plate.

I mean I do have a tumblr account and my neglect of it seemed wasteful so I thought: Surely, I should fill it with something either incredible or incredibly dumb. I thought there was no time like the present to manifest destiny that pocket of URL space. The idea came to me while listening to an old episode of the Go Bayside podcast. After a phone call to my friend Ryan, we decided to go halfsies on Yelp to the Max, which is exactly what it sounds like: fake yelp reviews for the fictitious and horribly- run technicolor dining establishment from Saved By the Bell. See...clearly we decided to go incredibly dumb rather than incredible...but we are excited none the less about our completely brilliant/stupid concept.

I picked Ryan to help me write them because his knowledge of SBTB is as pathetic as he has a lot of social media experience and he has minor celebrity on tumblr. [Tangent: Lest we forget that time a gay porn tumblr payed homage to his  Halloween costume. That story will never get old. Or that time he took a picture of a bear dog and it confused the internet for at least 24 hours.] It's such a new fun hobby! 

There are just way too many times The Max has proved to be a terrible restaurant for anyone not a part of the Zack Morris posse. Ex: Can you imagine trying to enjoy a milkshake while a telethon or a dance contest is taking place? What if yelp existed back then and people used it to share their distaste with a magician run teen hangout? 

 We've only posted about 6 but we are enjoying it so far. If dumb wastes of time are your bread and butter, check us out on tumblr, follow us on twitter and instagram (where we are @yelptothemax). And if you have ideas, send them to me on FB or twitter.

Oh and don't worry...I am still doing actual blogging and writing, too...but everyone needs a dumb distraction! 

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