Wednesday, July 20, 2016

That Other Writing I do that isn't Blogging

When I first started this whole blog 6 years ago, it was to get me writing and creating and to get me some steady writing gigs. It seems like sweet irony that now those gigs, though not completely steady yet, are keeping me from blogging like I used to. [Tangent: remember when I used to write 14 blogs a month?!?! I mean I know a lot of it was dog shit that you had to dig through to get diamonds, but you did it, which boggles my mind.] Writing when I am getting compensation, and have a wider audience and have pro editors [Tangent:...that will call me out on my typos galore and run-on sentence addiction.] is exactly what I always wanted but damn if it isn't an added layer of stress.

I've noticed a lot of my blogging friends have fallen off the bandwagon with writing altogether...many now use their blog as a business site or have transitioned to another medium like instagram or snapchat [Tangent: Did I mention in my hiatus, I finally figured out how to SnapChat properly. I know this is breaking news. Get me around some 19 -year-olds and this old dog gets some new tricks. I'm still figuring it out and at this point it is mostly pictures of my dog being an asshole. I think my handle is kimmiejonesin if you like that sort of thing.]. Photos have never been my strong suit, so you don't have to worry about that.  I totally get it, though.

I have a huge backlog of half-done posts that most days I feel smothered by. Furthermore, my daily hits for some inexplicable reason are the highest they have been in 14 months this month, apropo of absolutely nothing because I wrote exactly one entry in June. It boggles my mind and almost makes me wonder why should I bust my ass? But then I remember it's because I love it.

I need to write. I need to write. Even when I feel like Jack Nicholson staring at that damn typewriter in The Shining, I know the outcome is one I take pride in.

 Murderous rage seem far off, but rest assured I want those who care [Tangent: I know there are at least 7 of you...the very ones who remind me I have things I could be blogging about and give me needed pants kicks.] that there is writing out there that you may not have seen. Feel free to check out my archives of other writing under the very originally named "OTHER WRITING" tab. [Tangent: Do you like this easy Inception style blog within a blog diagram I made for you?]

I try to post them on the That Girl in the Wheelchair Facebook page, but sometimes forget.Was this post dumb and a waste of time? Probably...but I'm that's all that matters.

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