Monday, August 8, 2016

IZ Adaptive review: What took me so long? (A pants hater comes around)

 If you know me at all, you know I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. It's not because I'm exorbitantly ladylike or sophisticated [Tangent: Surely that's not breaking news. You know my last blog was about eating 4 bags of potato chips in the name of investigative journalism...or rather being a garbage person.] Pants have always been distressing. Skinny jeans are even worse. As they say in more rural areas,  It's a little like fitting 10  lbs of flour in a 5 lb bag. So when I wear jeans it's usually with them unbuttoned or sized up (sometimes even multiple number sizes) to accommodate the ass that won't quit (as in quit making it difficult to fit into pants). [Tangent: I realize I'm seemingly small, but I'm decidedly not off the rack sized.]  Considering this has been a lifelong struggle, it's utter nonsense that it's taken me so many years to try out adaptive jeans. Enter IZ adaptive.

I've heard good things and even modeled one of their "fashion IZ freedom" shirts for a social media campaign last year [Tangent: If you are seeking more photos of me looking awkward, you can see that photo here. Legitimately, though, it's an amazing program. 100% of the sale of this shirt goes towards initiatives to install colorful ramps across the country to make communities more accessible] as well as stalked their inventory, but still- I had trouble biting. I loved that they offered modified apparel with features like more butt room, added stretch, and vented backs- all things that are crucial for someone that spends all day in a seated position.  Even still, I worried they would look hella "disabled" in person and consistently talked myself out of it. I was haunted by the premonition of ortho garments. Function seemed boring. [Tangent: I talked myself out of ease and happiness by continuing to improvise and do things the hard way. Such is a recurring theme in my life. Suck on that psych majors.]

However, a couple weeks ago, I saw they were having a massive sale, so I threw caution to the wind and picked up a pair of jeggings. I have gone through several pairs over the years and am always "making do" with the fit. The IZ box sat on my dresser for 10 days. Trying on jeans has been such an Achilles heel for me and I'm conditioned to believe they won't work. Doomed to fail before I try. Well, yesterday was the day I tried them on and now I never want to take them off.

They're incredible! Can I be really honest for a minute!? Although it would be awkward and difficult to accomplish without looking like I had just suffered a fall from my chair, I wish y'all could see how well they fit in the butt [Tangent: Or lack there of rather because for once its not sticking out 2 inches.] Like that 10 lbs of flour is in an adequately sized bag which has never happened before. Hell. They're might even be more room to eat potato chips.

I'm not a fashion blogger, so when I write about something you know it's a legit product I love. [Tangent: You also can tell I'm not a fashion blogger because in lieu of constructing a fashionable ensemble to showcase said new pants, I went full Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA with my look. Oh well, I WAS born in the at least I am being true to myself, right? I guess the look worked for Newman because he couldn't have been more in the way when I was taking these pictures.]

I immediately took to social media and informed the company that I was a fan of their pants and would surely be a return customer and told them without provocation that I would be writing a review. They then asked me if I wouldn't mind being an affiliate on their site and offered me a sneak peak of their fall collection, which offers staples like bathrobes, leather jackets and sailor jeans. [Tangent: I'm intrigued by the logistics of this bathrobe. Because I worked at a lingerie store for 3 years, I own a couple, but they are far from practical. Imagine staying completely seated and wiggling in and out of those suckers. Nightmare! It excites me that they have reinvented that wheel for us wheeled ones.]

Because I apparently am fearless in asking for favors, I asked in return that they give me some kind of discount to offer you fine folks [Tangent: At least the ones of you that use wheelchairs.] so maybe the ones of you that were on the fence could jump aboard the train to more butt room. They kindly obliged.

The Promo code to get 20% off your next purchase on their website is:  IZFIRST20 

Oh and while we are semi on the topic of clothes and wheelchairs and that may not come up for many moons, I would like to tell ya'll about two topical and amazing things which may rock your world.

1. Tickets are now on sale  here for the Fashion is For Every Body show that I have been working on for over a year under the fierce tutilage of Alicia the Spashionista. She selected me more based on my ability to be inappropriate along side her and less for my fierce modeling that will definitely be something to witness in person. It's Sept 10th in Nashville. Be there.

2. Last week I got in the mail a sweet "disabled" enamel pin [Tangent: Or a "lapel label" as it got pointed out to me.] You can see me rocking it quite proudly on my purse in the pics above or here on instagram. It's one of my new favorite things because it is hilarious to state the obvious and I like to support creative peeps like the lady behind Normal Land Designs go support her, dammit.

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