Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I survived Fashion is For Every Body...and I loved it

Sometimes it kills me how many amazing ballsy dreamers reside in my periphery. By surrounding myself with creative badasses with take no prisoners tattooed across their foreheads, I have really had to up my game...and I love that. I feel like I am an apprentice of experience... constantly learning. It saves me from having to go back to school, which is perfect because I am a cheapskate. This past weekend was one of those moments where it hit me hard. I saw a friend's dream become real and it was amazing to witness that live in three dimensions.

As I wrote about in this post a couple months back, for the last year or so I have been watching my friend Alicia, the fantastic beast of a human behind Spasionista, scheme to put together Nashville's first fully inclusive fashion show, Fashion is for Every Body. 
via Catchy Eye photography

 She pulled me on board back then and my 'yes' could not have come more easily. [Tangent: Yeah...I know I am I'm not always the most fashion-forward individual. I wear a looooot of tshirts and goodwill dresses, think heels are dumb and have had some iteration of this same haircut since I was 4. Clearly she was using my other talents.]  Of course, I had that shred of fear that people would see it through a condescending lens of "Isn't it precious...look at those wheelchairs pretending to model. They think they're really doin' it." but I knew after meeting the folks on board that this was as legit as it gets. 

Models of all different ages, body types, sexes and abilities joined forces to take the stage at Houston Station's Abrasive Media and blow people's minds to a Bowie soundtrack intercut with a behind the scenes doc and interviews with the participants. [Tangent: And...I got to dust off my modeling chops...lest we forget that time I was a Kroger spokesmodel in a very buck toothed period in my life or when I was inexplicably on a READ poster. or when my elbow made the back of a Justin Townes Earle album. My claims to fame are random at best.] It was neat to see a 6 foot tall fashion week pro walk the same runway as someone who had never done this at all before...and who wasn't actually walking.

Maybe because I don't do it all the time, I LOVE event planning and seeing something come from nothing. Also, being involved meant I got to model which for me had two HUGE draws:
  1. Ridiculous hair and makeup. I may have told both the awesome hair and makeup team [Tangent: My dream team was Pamela Hawke and Karen Percy.] to go apeshit with adornment. I wanted every piece of lash, glitter, feather, hairspray. If it could be affixed to my face - I wanted it.  My personal goal was to get as close as humanly possible to full drag, because when the hell else would I do this. Go big or go the eff home. I was pretty dang smitten with my faux hawk pompadour they dreamed up that was like a sexy Johnny Bravo. I was into it.
  2. I got to wear designer looks and be dressed and primped by stylists. I seriously wish I had someone to adjust my collar and make sure my vag was covered every time I left the house. It's not unheard of that I look like a full on unmade bed, so that's a service I would take full advantage of. 
captured by MF Sagi
 I'm not sure what it looked like...but back of house was a madhouse in the best possible way.  In the hour and I half show, I had to fully change looks 5 times [Tangent: Thank you Catland Forever Couture, Opium Vintage, Pura Vida Vintage, Amanda Valentine, and Alter Ur Ego Jeans/Amputeez for clothing me for the night.]  I will never look this edgy ever again in life. 
Left Look by Alter Ur Ego and Amputeez. Right look by Opium Vintage. awesome shots via Catchy Eye Photography. 
I don't even try on clothes when I go shopping because I find the whole ordeal exhausting, so I felt like swapping looks that many times was craziness, especially considering I lost any shred of modesty after look one. Pretty soon we just all were full nudie booty smashed together like sardines. [Tangent: It was the ultimate in bonding so I am thrilled that all involved were some of the most fun individuals I have ever had the pleasure to be around....therefore I didn't mind them seeing me in nada but my stick on boobs, whilst getting doused in additional hairspray.] Not to be hokey as hell, but all involved had the prettiest outsides and insides. That kind of soul balance is incredibly rare.

Although I''m sure I made a lot of awkward faces on the runway and may have come off a teench Gollum without even trying, I didn't care...it was one of the most exhilierating things I have ever been a part of and I can't wait to see what kind of magic Fashion is For Every Body dreams up next. When I went to retrieve hugs from my friendly faces in the audience afterwards, they were expectations for the event were blown out of the water. I was so proud we pulled it off...even with catering snafus and some avant garde level drama- we did it! Alicia always says she isn't into babies, but I saw her have hers last weekend...and she should be a proud mama!
after the show with my PR partner Beth!
 I'll be sharing videos and more photos on the That Girl in the Wheelchair FB page, so stay tuned so you can feel like you were there. 

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