Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My podcast debut

I really don't like the sound of my own voice...which is weird because I talk incessantly. As with most of my irrational fears or insecurities, I like to pretend they don't exist. [Tangent: Like my fear that the holocaust is going to happen again or my strong aversion to claymation. YIKES! I just try to be brave in those situations. I mean, that island of misfit toys isn't going to attack me and push me into a fascist regime, right!?!?] In the last few months, I have volunteered to or been invited into several things which means innocent bystanders are being subjected to my pitchy grating tone regularly. [Tangent: You can read one of them here.] 

I'm a big podcast fan, so have been telling my friend Ryan [Tangent: You remember him best from this post and this post. Both stories are brought up on the podcast.] for months that I want to be on his podcast- Biff Bam Bort (which used to be all about Batman 66 but is now just 3 dudes sitting around talking about pop culture, which is decidedly in my wheelhouse.).  
Anyway, what we got was 55 minutes of utter nonsense (but funny nonsense) and probably not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it because as I just said I got to talk utter nonsense for an hour and laugh...which is my ideal way to spend an hour. Check it out unless you are squeamish or easily offended or are looking for something that will enrich your mind, because this probably won't unless you want think learning about the return policy at Spencer's Gifts is a "THE MORE YOU KNOOOOOW" moment.

You can listen to it here by scrolling to the bottom. The episode is called Chingy and Hot Dogs for The Ride Home (even though the last part of that title gets cut off a bit in the end. #professionalism !] Check it out if you've ever wondered what my voice sounds like. Spoiler alert- it's like a less appealing dog whistle!

You can also find Biff Bam Bort on iTunes and stitcher and all those fun places!

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