Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thanks Goodreads for making me read stuff in 2016

So I make a lot of promises and don’t always make good on them. I know this about myself. It’s not always a lack of commitment (though sometimes it is)- it is often just I get distracted by a shiny object or over-commit myself or go all in on a passing fancy (when I should probably just say I want to hypothetically do it and not Do it..ya know? ) This year I decided (after taking a couple years off from one of my favorite hobbies) that I was going to read 20 books in 2016. [Tangent: I know this is going to be a huge shock to all of you who think I am edgy AF and super too cool for school (NONE of you think that!), but I used to read A LOT. Like I would hear about a book that sounded interesting and actually go out and read it. I had favorite authors and everything. Then I got a smart phone and I 100% am blaming that device for superseding books in my life (and not just for the stuff that pays my bills, but for important things like googling "what is LeeLee Sobieski doing now? or falling down a vortex of Chuck Tingle titles.). I wasn't just distracted, but was dwelling in the land of delusional pretension where I couldn’t possibly put an e-book on my phone because that would somehow ruin the experience. Ya know- the magic of flipping and folding and smelling the written page. I was an asshole because guess what guys? E-books are the cat’s pjs and you can download them for free from the library whilst sitting on the toilet or lying in bed aka primo me time(and you don’t have to lend them to people and disclose that they have been sitting on the back of your toilet for a month...or have people judge your questionable titles in a doctor's waiting room. EEK!).]  

In January, I randomly deciding to click on my dusty Goodreads icon on my phone to add something I read about in Entertainment Weekly [Tangent: Don’t judge! They have some killer book reviews.] onto the growing and unruffled virtual “to-read” pile. I was greeted with:

“Would you like to participate in a 2016 reading challenge?”

And guys…I did it…and I stuck with it and fell butt-crazy back in love with reading after a brief hiatus. In fact, I ended up reading 35...and it was easy! [Tangent: Promise that I am not bragging so much as getting in print that I finished something I started when there were zero consequences.] I even have proof

I finally took all my friends up on those suggestions that they have been giving me for the last several years and sprinkled in some from my favorite authors and some that sounded so terrible I had to get my eyes on them for myself [Tangent:I’m looking at you Me Before You and the Holly Madison autobiography (yeah...that Holly Madison).] Unlike boys, I seem to have no type when it comes to books…or do I? Here are some of the reoccurring themes I found in my reading.

  • Number of books about mental hospitals: 3
  • Number of books that deal with disability: 5 (If you count Frankenstein as a disability book…which I feel on the fence about.)
  • Number of fiction Books about human experimentation: 3
  • Number of books featuring a naked person on the cover: 3
  • Number of Celebrity Tell-Alls that made me 100% more interested in the celebrity: 3 (But seriously ya'll- get on that Rob Lowe autobiography!)
  • Number of Mary Roach books that made me incapable of having a conversation that didn't include the facts therein: 2 
  • Number of books featuring lobotomies:  6 (that number seems really high, right?)
  • Number of books that make characters from religious text way more  interesting:  2
  • Number of books targeted at angsty teen girls and probably not women in their mid 30's: 5
  • Number of Kurt Vonnegut books I had been meaning to read but hadn't: 3 
  • Number of books based on TV/Movies I already was a fan of: 3
  • Number of books that discuss the porn industry: 3 
  • Number of books that made me laugh out loud in inappropriate places: 5
  • Number of books written by people who are really funny on Twitter: 4 (spoiler alert. Mary Shelley isn’t one!)
Seriously, I am so stoked about it and can’t wait to be a nerd (or spoiler...maybe NERDIER) again next year. It has also saved me A TON of money I was impulse spending on Candy Crush and Frozen Free Fall. Feel free to ask me about anyof these  because I have opinions for DAYS! 

I also am so excited I once again got to live out one of my Tim Gun annual mantras to the absolute fullest ! 


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