Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sightseeing in DC

Today I was about to write about something travel related I did over New Years weekend and realized I never really wrote much about my trip to DC beyond the Newseum and being scared shitless/excited about exploring a city so reliant on public transit. For this reason I decided to squeeze out a post [Tangent:yes...I know 3 months later and it will be evident that the sky is sunny and bright and not all dreary and January-ish! I never said I was prompt or organized.]

Each day we were there, about a week, we logged walking roughly 9 miles. [Tangent: OK...clearly I wasn't doing any of that, so it was basically Jamie putting the miles on his Chucks. Or did you think I had some secret ambulatory life when I traveled? BUSTED!] DC is set up in such a way that it is very fact it was so nice to have 45 second crosswalks considering I am used to the 20 second crosswalks in Nashville. In those situations you are pretty much jettisoning yourself across the road and getting palpitations as you fear the little walking man will be replaced with the hand [Tangent: ...or you are slammed into someone in a lifted pickup who gives zero shits about you having the right of way.] I loved the ability that large groups could cross at their leisure and still have seconds left on the clock. Truly, it's the little things.

My old roomie, Andraea, showed us around the Capital, Supreme Court, Union Station and Chinatown and all those fun places and because it was Columbus Day, government buildings were closed. We really hoped that would mean we would run into Joe Biden in shortie running shorts, but it didn't happen. Damn. Some things are not meant to be.

In the following days, we made the rounds of all the outdoor monuments. Here are some of my favorite things I saw. They reminded me of some of my favorite things in life in general:
  • fighting for whats important
  • badasses in wheelchairs [Tangent: FDR..not Dr. Strangelove although it's hard to tell.] 
  • my dad [Tangent: Proudest Vietman vet you ever did see....and he took me to a replica of the Vietnam memorial in college, so I desperately wanted to see the real one.]
  • ...and MASH [Tangent: My favorite show as a toddler...yes really. (I had insomnia even then and my parents let me stay up and watch reruns with them nightly) To date, it's pretty much my only point of reference I have personally for the Korean War.]

Probably the memorial that I thought would be most ho-hum turned out to be the absolute best. [Tangent: Maybe because my art teachers always thought I was "too commercial" , but I've come to realize abstract sculptural doesnt always melt my butter. If you are in the Nashville area, you probably know that weird 'game of pick up sticks' looking sculpture in the roundabout on 8th. Well, I had no idea it was even a sculpture for months. I thought it was scaffolding of some kind or beams until someone pointed it out to me. Of course, I pretended like I knew it all along and appreciated the lines and artistry...but NEWSFLASH- I DIDN'T!]  I just went to the Washington Memorial because I was nearby and it seemed like something I had to see because I have seen it in many a viewing of Forrest Gump and Scandal.

When we got up close to it, though, I literally gasped and then immediately took a zillion pictures...even though it is essentially a giant pointy pole. I was in love. WHY IS IT SO GORGEOUS?  Here are some of those zillion pictures.

My favorite is the friendly homeless hippy who was making serious dough in a district that HATES Trump by allowing you to buy his vote. Of course I gave him a dollar. I can't turn down effective advertising...if only it had worked. Womp. Womp.

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