Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cripple Concepts Giveaway and Review

OK, guys. I know this blog only has a probably 20% readership of people with disabilities, because let's face it, despite the tongue-in-cheek title, I often talk more about Netflix or reality TV than I do actual disability issues, but this one is for you 20%! [Tangent: YEP! Buckle up uprights, you're about to be left out for a post. You will be OK. Now you'll just know how I feel when I go to a building with stairs and no ramp! BOOM! Welcome to my twisted exercise in empathy! Just kidding, I'm not alienating you and maybe you should read this anyway, because you may think it's pretty cool. See, everyone is happy or maybe you can pass along to someone you know with a power chair!]

A few weeks before the holidays I was reading The Holiday Gift Guide from my friend Emily Ladau at Words I Wheel By, a gift guide of items produced by entreprenuers and artisans with disabilities, and saw this product that just blew my mind all over the laptop [Tangent: Sorry for that graphic visual, but it truly made my brain explode with happiness! As you know, I use my phone A LOT, and because my car is 90% transformer, the typical cigarette lighter charging port is blocked by super high tech beep boop machines that make my car move. This has been an ongoing frustration for the last 8 years. I have invested in external batteries and solar chargers over the years to use when I am on road trips or just not near a wall port. They work well enough, but are not ideal.]  The product from a company called Cripple Concepts is a simple little 5 inch USB charging port had the potential to make my life much less stressful, because it plugs easily into my chair's charging port thus I can charge on the go. [Tangent: WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WENT TO DC AND HAD TO DUCK INTO EVERY CORNER STARBUCKS TO CHARGE MY PHONE WHILST SIGHTSEEING!]

I immediately forwarded this link to my mom and told her that was all I basically needed for Christmas. My own personal Santa obliged and I got it 2 months ago and love it so very much. It is so handy when I go to outdoor events, like when I went to last month's women's march, because I could simply plug my USB cable into it and go [Tangent: To be honest, my friends like it, too. I have become exceedingly popular at bars and events because my friends can just hand off their phone to me to charge and they don't have to be tethered to a wall]! I now just carry it wherever I go because it's tiny and easily fits into my purse. 
 My only real initial concern was that it would drain my chair's battery, and I wasn't about to make a Sophie's Choice every day of which battery was more crucial.  Good news! It draws less than 1.0A from the chair, which is very negligible. In layman's terms, I can get my battery from 0% to fully charged more than once and not even lose a full bar of wheelchair power. That's dark magic to me!

They also universally fit the standard 3 pin XLR type charge port on the chair or scooter, they convert 24V from the chair to 5V 3A (Whatever that means!).  Basically, if your charging port has three holes, you're good to go! Because you supply your own USB cord, it can easily work with any kind of phone (or ipad or ipod or anything really!).

 As I do when I love something a whole lot, I tell the person or company about it,  because doesn't everyone love to hear how great they are occasionally!?! I emailed Josh Winkler, the man behind Cripple Concepts [Tangent: And before you get all up in a tizzy about the use of the word cripple, understand Josh is a quadriplegic so is self-identifying. Per the website: "Love it or hate it, you won't forget it. The name Cripple Concepts was chosen to distinguish us from the companies run by able-bodied people, we are different and we are proud to be different. We understand some consider the word 'cripple' offensive, but we see it as empowering."] to explain how much I loved his product and how many pickles it had already helped me out of. Basically,  I wanted to tell him in non-creepy terms how badly I wanted to sing his praises from every possible mountaintop, even though I am fairly tone deaf. 

He was great and responsive and told me he was even tweaking the product to make it even better by adding a silicone ring to it. Together we decided to share this kind of tech bliss with two lucky winners and give the new and improved ones away! He also wanted to share that if people are tech inclined or handy that they can read the components used in the building process here, so you could make your own. [Tangent: That is over my head, so I just paid the $45! It WAS WORTH IT for my sanity!]

Entering a giveaway is easy, and if you have a chair- just enter! You'll love it, I promise! Plus, I have TWO and frankly only about 20% of my readers use the odds are ever in your favor. [Tangent: OK. I am getting thirsty and begging and quoting The Hunger Games, so I will stop and just show you how to enter already!]

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