A.R.E is a nonprofit that I work with and believe very strongly in. The organization, which is run by some of the most generous and hardworking people I know, provide encouragement and a support system for youth and adults with various kinds of disabilities in the middle Tennessee area. Their main project is The Camp Project, which provides a week-long totally accessible summer camp for the young people it serves. Watch this video about ARE and what it means to me and so many others.(Bonus, you get to see me in full "Summer Camp Mode" exhausted and sunburned with no makeup!)

The thing that makes this group different than so many others is that it links together kids and adults in similar mobility situations so that they can learn from each other and grow, and allows them to be immersed in the full summer camp experience.

As you can tell, I am a big fan and believe everyone should be... so how can you help?

Start by checking out their websites and seeing ways that you can donate or learn more.


If you have donations of money or materials or would like to be camp volunteer, contact me: Kimmie.jones@gmail.com

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