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Because I'm an insane person, in addition to this blog, I also write for a variety of other sources [Tangent: And this is not even delving into the writing I do for my day job!] . Check out some of my pieces below. If you are interested in having me guest blog on your site, contact me kimmie.jones@gmail.com

04/15/2012 Album and Music Review: Macy Gray, Eric Hutchison, Bonnie Raitt (Her Nashville)
03/18/2013 Behind the Blog: That Girl in the Wheelchair (So, About What I Said... )
08/07/2013 Take Your Frump Somewhere Else (Spashionista)
01/15/2014 Foiled Again by the Cohen Brothers: Review Inside Llewyn Davis (Nerds and Nomsense)
01/23/2014 There's Something About the Green Ones: Gummy Bear Expose (Nerds and Nomsense)
01/28/2014 Rupaul's Dragulator App Review (Nerds and Nomsense)
02/17/2014 Where Were YOU? The Kerrigan/Harding Scandal (Nerds and Nomsense)
03/05/2014 Harold and Maude: A Happy Little Movie About Death (Nerds and Nomsense)
03/17/2014 DIY: Eyeshadow Nail Polish (Nerds and Nomsense) 
04/03/2014 Super Black Lacquer Review (Nerds and Nomsense) 
04/07/2014 10 Reasons to Love Peter Dinklage (Nerds and Nomsense)
05/22/2014 About That Pedestal (What Do You Do, Dear?)
05/28/2014 Kimmie Jones's Tao of Shoes (Spashionista)
06/03/2014 Lonely Island with Vince Vaughn at Wild West Comedy Fest (Nerds and Nomsense)
06/26/2014 Pop Culture Podcast Palooza (Nerds and Nomsense)
08/27/2014 Dawn of The Planet of The Apes Review (Nerds and Nomsense)
09/04/2014 What's Your Awesome Mix? (Nerds and Nomsense)
09/09/2014 You'll Never Forget Your First Primetime Love- The Simpsons (Nerds and Nomsense)
10/23/2014 Your Guide to Freaky Photobooth Apps (Nerds and Nomsense)
10/27/2014  Evil Dead: The Musical - Bloody Good Fun (Nerds and Nomsense)
11/18/2014  Doug Loves Movies Taping at Zanies (Nerds and Nerdsense) 
02/10/2015  Giving the Dudes of Parks and Rec The Tiger Beat Treatment (Hello Giggles)
03/10/2015 Open Letter to 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' c/o a fellow Kimmie (Hello Giggles) 
03/22/2015  How Jack White Taught Me to Enjoy a Tech-free Concert (Hello Giggles)  
04/13/2015 10 Items to Prepare your Heart and Soul for the 'Full House' Spin-off (Hello Giggles)
04/26/2015 Being There for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One (Hello Giggles)
05/09/2015 Netflix Documentaries That Will Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy (Hello Giggles)
06/21/2015 What Father's Day is Like When Your Dad Isn't Around (Hello Giggles)
08/24/2015 Fictional Musicals from TV We Wish Were on Broadway (Hello Giggles)
10/20/2015 Here's Why Criminal Minds is Criminally Underrated  (Hello Giggles)
11/15/2015 In Praise of 'Overboard'- The Perfect 80s Movie (Hello Giggles)
11/24/2015 Finding the Perks of Wheelchair Dressing and Getting Over Being an Ableist with a Disability (Infynite Expression)
12/18/2015 Saying Goodbye to The Soup (Hello Giggles
01/20/2016 8 products to treat Yo Self (or your single friends) to this Valentines Day (Buzzfeed)
01/21/2016 5 Netflix Documentaries to Make You Love Being Alone on Valentine's Day (Elite Daily)
02/07/2016 6 Reasons the Puppy Bowl will Always be Better than The Super Bowl (Elite Daily)
02/10/2016 "Making A Murderer" Themed Gifts to Fill our Dean Strang Lovin' Hearts with Wonder (Hello Giggles)
03/03/2016 5 WTF Moments All Wheelchair Users Have Experienced at Least Once (Elite Daily)
03/23/2016 Off the Grid, Out of My Mind: How I (Barely) Survived 20 Hours Without My iPhone (Ravishly)
03/29/2016 A Coloring Book Featuring all your Favorite Boss Babes? Yes, Please (Hello Giggles)
03/30/2016 7 Revelations I Made Watching 'Teen Witch' as an Adult (Hello Giggles)
04/18/2016 4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Share Inspiration Porn (The Ravishly) - Syndicated for Blogher and Women's Rights News
04/22/2016 Why This Cis Girl in a Wheelchair Cares About Bathroom Bills (The Ravishly)
07/04/2016 I Watch Trashy Reality TV and Feel No Shame (The Ravishly)
08/02/2016 6 Things Every Girl with Cystic Acne has Tried (Hello Giggles)
08/16/2016 Joining Spapchat in your 30s and other Clues You're Bad at being Millenial (The Ravishly)
08/22/2016 Feeling Body Positive with a Disability (The Ravishly) - Syndicated for Mamamia!
10/10/2016 Boss Babes: Get Ready for a new (Feminist) Coloring Obsession (The Ravishly
10/28/2016 Ditching the R-Word Forever; You can teach an old Dog New tricks (The Ravishly
11/10/2016 11 Anatomical Etsy Finds to Fright and Delight now That Halloween is Over (The Ravishly) 
01/19/2017  Why Trump’s Inauguration Is Personal For Some People With Disabilities (The Ravishly)
01/31/2017  Am I a Feminist? (The Ravishly)


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