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Wanna give your blog/website/small business/etsy a little extra exposure?

...then come get some exposure with that girl in the wheelchair!

Daily (on average), my little blog gets 500-10,000, which would be 500-10,000 people that may not know about your business otherwise.

Here are some insights about my site:
I am a regular contributor on other popular pages like Hello Giggles and Elite Daily  and Ravishly where I link back to this blog in my bio.

On Facebook, that girl in the wheelchair currently boasts 1109 "likes" and 848 instagram followers and 455 twitter followers

Through Google friend connect, my blog has 104 regular GFC followers and is linked through several other popular Nashville and disability blogs.

This site also have 111 followers on Bloglovin,  making it the number #177 blog in the entertainment category. 

My primary readers are generally in the 25-34 range, but my readers are really a diverse mixed bag demographically.

This site is also marked for growth. Each month the popularity grows leaps and bounds, and I fully expect this trend to continue (or at least I hope...fingers crossed!)

[Product Integration/Personal Product Review] I am constantly looking for cool things to share with my readersIf you have an amazing service or product (especially in the Nashville area), please feel free to share it with me via email []. Although, I reserve the right to choose or not choose your product, you never know! It could be exactly something that my readership needs to know about.

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